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Monday, 6 July 2015

My Siblings - Part 2

Haiya people..

I've been thinking about continuing my previous-previous post about my siblings but i'm gonna skip meine (you can read it as "my" since i used German language) part...

Pic source: Google image
Black Jack anime that Achik's adore  the most
So my 3rd oldest sibling is my brother we called Achik... okay, how to put this, since he is the eldest son, my brother is the smartest of all in my family and okay, we fought alot. Achik is one kind of person who is always delays everything but always get everything done on time...  he is a lot like Along, love anime, love to draw (did i told ya that Along also can draw cartoon and comics?)... yeah, for person who is surely depend most on their left brain, they really good with right side of their brain (hell yes i'm jealous). Achik and me only a year apart but we are a whole lot opposite. Achik is more laid back, but i always get nervous breakdown... and oh, Achik is always forgetful... his buddy to go everywhere is Along. Achik is excellence in many things from academic to sports... -sigh- yes i am jealous but i'm proud.

Pic source: Google Image
He is basically like this when we looks at him

My fifth (i skip no 4 since she is yours truly ^^~) siblings is my little brother, Abang Man (short for Aiman). Aiman is i think the most different from us, he is like SUPER tall. He is the one who keep his thought for himself but when he speak, he either can make us laugh or left us in deep thought. He is also gifted in cartooning... at first glance, Abang Man is like the quiet introvert one, oddly enough, kids and babies like him... all he do is just look at the baby, reach his hands and the baby will automatically will reach his hands back... i have no idea how he do that. Abang Man, is always the one who rarely opposed whatever my parents say... making him the most obedient son.

Pic source: Google Image
He is basically like this.
My 6th siblings is my youngest brother , Abang Min (short for Aimin). Aimin is the most disobedient brother and yeah, he is taller than me eventhough we're 4 years apart. He is the most popular brothers in my family (i mean he have a lot of secret admirers compare to the others).. I don't know what he do to gain that much popularity lmao. Abang Min is most likely like me, myself and i who is the troublemker in our family.. we always fought with each other and yeah, because he is younger than me, he won by chance (that's a gifted coupon okay?) and i am always the one who get scold by what-so-i-called my unfair parents. He is the thinniest one among the boys in our family (maybe that's why he is popular?)

Pic source: my sister
From left: Achik, Abang Man, Abang Min

Okay.. that's that..
part 3 will be update soon
love ya smooches... muahh

Sunday, 5 July 2015

DIY Project - Lockets/ Charms/Brooches

Hello people

yes yes i know it's been like quit so long since my last appearence (consider myself diva much ehh?) but what can i say i'm quite busy...

so this week i got a chance to berbuka puasa at home with my family... so after that my mum tell me to go to the nearest bazar to buy my baju raya... and while i'm getting ready, i realize i am out of brooch to use on my tudung.. so i asked along and guess what?? she also out of brooch...
okay, fast forward to today, along on her spring cleaning mood and while she's cleaning her own room she suddenly got distracted with a huge leapord-printed box which contain her DIY stuff, so she told me she ant to make some charm for her handphone and bags and some brooches... so she took out the materials;   
  1.  hot glue gun
  2. glue gun sticks 
  3. wax paper
  4. tiny loop wire
  5. decorations (ribbon, stickers, nail polish, beads.. etc)
  6. strings / chains
  7. brooch base
the materials needed
(item no 6 and 7 is optional, since we're going to make charms and brooch so that's what we're using)

  • squeeze a desireaable amount of hot glue on a wax paper 
Liquid glue gun
 decorate your charms

  • while the glue still hot, place the tiny loop wire so you can insert it into the strings or chain
  • still working while the glue is still hot and in the liquid state, decorate the surface of the charm any way desired
  • let it sit to dry for like 10 minutes
  • once dry, remove the charm and tie it with strings/chains or 
  • use the glue to put on the rooch base
  • coat the surface with clear/ glitter nail polish so the surface harden and shiny (and last long since it's water proof now)
then the final result is sooooo cute!!!

don't ya think so?

along make so much of this and i gotta say i love at sooo much ^^~

okay according to Along, glue gun is so fun to play with, just be creative and you dont have to buy expensive accesories anymore (i doubt that because Along always bought makeups and accesories)

so that's that...

i'll be back after a while

love ya smooches

Sunday, 21 June 2015

DIY Project - Bangle

Hello people

actually, i just lost my wrist watch... you guys know... some people need something to wear or they will feel completely naked...  so i asked Along and she just goes like;

"aku belum gaji lah... tahan la dulu..."

and when i (almost begged her) said anything on my wrist will do she said

"aku tolong kau buat bangle... 100 jenis pon boleh... tak keluar duit banyak pun"

so she asked me to get the ingredients (okay.. i know the correct word is material),

♡ empty clear plastic bottle (big and small) - but i only found a small one
♡ nail polish - she got like millions of this.. (she really know how to save my $$$)
♡ scissors
♡ iron 
♡ marker pens

so this is how i (okay read ; we) do it
start to mark the width of the bangle you want (sizes might be vary) using marker pen around the plastic bottle
cut along the line 

turn the iron on medium heat and melt the sharp edges of the plastic bottle (be careful not to overmelt the plastic).... this process not only melt the edge but harden the plastic even more (cool eh?)

then use nail polish and color the bangle on the inside (so the ouside look polished and smooth glass-like). You can mak any designs you want... ombre... polka dots... you can even customize your bangle using colorful sharpie before layering them with nail polish
then, let the nail polish dry

get ready to get pretty ^^~

as you guys can see, i've made two bangles.. ombre (black, red and gren) design and glitter design...

these bangles surprisingly look so cute like i bought it at the store tho i spend 0$ on this... and the material turn out to harden like a plastic/glass bangle but lightier...

Along was right... i can make thousands designs and she told me you can customize it with ribbon too if i like... 

okay that's that for now
i will asked Along for more DIY later and i will get back to you soon...
try it... you can be a designer too ^^~
love ya smooches

DIY Project - Lipstick & Lipbalm

Hello people

i would love to welcome everyone to my VERY first DIY project...

let me get this straight... i am not a fan of makeup so i dont have much makeup... so whenever i need to wear one, i need to steal (please read borrow hehehe) my Along's makeup since she have lots of makeup and Angah dont live with my family...

Along actually have very stricking (read attention grabber) lipstick colors which scare me... let just say, not suitable for classes or going out (i wonder how she always can wear that with confident?) and okay... let just cut to the chase... i pissed her off when accidently lost one of her favourite (tho she dont use it much) lipstick... she told me to get my own lipstick but since i dont feel like spending my money on things i dont like (and just need occasionaly), she taught me how to make my own lipstick..

so lets begin!!!

 le ingredients:

♡ petroleum jelly or vaseline or coconut oil
♡ crayon of any color of your choice (yes you read this right)
♡ essence vanilla flavour (or any flavour you like - strawberry, banana the choice are endless)
♡ container to put your final product
♡ a pot to boil water
♡ another container that you dont mind throwing away later
♡ stirrer (i use popsicle stick and toothpick)

♡ bee's wax/ soy wax (hardening/moisturizing agent)
♡ honey / olive oil / vitamin E oil (work as moisturizer)
♡ peppermint oil / cinnamon powder/ chilli powder (usually if you want temporary pouty effect)


use a double boiler (put a container over a boiling water) to melt i table spoon of vaseline, few drop of vanilla essense and half crayon ~~~ you can always adjust the ratio of crayon and vaseline (more sheer lipbalm like - less crayon more vaseline, more opaque vibrant color-less vaseline more crayon) and of course you can mix the color too if you want

stir using the stirrer until all the ingredient completely melt and well mixed (in the middle of the process you can add honey/cinnamon powder - add little by little and test them on the back of your hand for the desirable result)

carefully pour the melted ingredients into  the container (while it still hot)

refrigerated for 10-20 minutes to harden the product

the final product:
lipstick (purple) and lipbalm
get ready to look pretty ^^~

as for you asking me is it save to use crayon, actually crayons mostly made of wax and color (find the non toxic one) so it is save (just dont eat it)
however, stop using it if you get discomfort using the product

another option:
use your old lipstick that you thought too vibrant for your choice but you still like the color to replace
the crayon

you can also turn them into some cream blush that according to Along, works better and long-lasting than ordinary powdered blusher.. according to her, it look more natural but pick the normal color lah... hehehe

okay that's that for the first EVER DIY
i will asked Along for her new trick and post it later
love ya smooches!! ^^~

Saturday, 20 June 2015

My Siblings - Part 1

Hello people

okay first let me introduce myself (i know... i know... late info but it's my blog anyway)

i am the fourth child in my family... i have eight siblings (i know... so many right?? ) and let me make a short intro on all of my siblings

owh... as for my parents... they are the superest parents ever created by the Almighty... the greatest gift ever (that's different story... next post maybe)

my Along (as requested: she want me to
put this pic)
my eldest sister... i call her Along, i might say she's some kind of weird.. at the age of 26 (she still claimed she is and forever 19), she still watching anime, listening to rock music where nobody can stand her mp3 lists and watch the same tv series that was produced like 11 years ago... she's very fun to be around with but the best thing is i can always count on her... owh she's obsessed with makeup and God knows how many lipsticks she have in her collection tho she always bought the same shade of lipsticks (purple... weird eh?) that she claimed it's different. owh... fun fact, people say i look alike her like (seriously) twins and usually people cant tell us apart tho (i hate to admit this) she look slightly younger than me... however... i admire her so much, she's smart (she have Degree in Physics but although she love nerd stuff she's cool... i said that before right?) and always know how to have fun 

Angah, Abang Achik and Lala
the second one, i call her Angah.. she is actually the total opposite of Along. I mean,she love makeup like Along with blonde dyed hair while Along have (get ready for it...) purple hair, they definately have different opinion on how makeup should be applied on (i guess i'm the only one who dont like makeup), but come to style and sense of music... they actually different... Angah is more indipendent and look mature than Along (she's married and have a daughter), and owh... if Along is cool one, Angah is hot headed one... but she is the one who we can count on... She's married to her husband and we called him (wait for it.... drum roll please...) Abang Achik and have a cute daughter named Khayraa.. which we (it's started with my youngest sis) called Lala..

okay... that's that...
part 2 will be update soon
love ya smooches.... muahhh

Welcome !!!

Hey people...

okay... first and foremost i would love to welcome everyone to my humble blog...

pic source: Google Image

alright... this blog basically is all about my obsession in (sorta) everything... DIY... cooking... songs... i mean, everything that attract me to write... i believe some already can tell i'm not much a writer..

but... i hope my attempt to write and update (obviee) this blog is constant... 

like i state before, i'm not much a writer

but have fun reading my blog ^^~

much love,